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If you are looking to Improve Working Capital, JustOne can help.

JustOne was established to:

Help companies to use their own resources to run internal working capital projects more effectively with better, faster and more sustainable results.

Provide an exceptional return on investment.

Provide our clients with flexible solutions to their working capital issues that work for companies worldwide, in all sectors and of all sizes.

Many of our projects are with clients who do not like using consultants and are considering starting an initiative to Improve Working Capital without external help. Therefore the benefit derived from our help is the difference between what the client expects to achieve on their own and what they actually achieve with our help. This difference is invariably substantial and always represents an outstanding return on investment.

Our approach works well with clients who are already undertaking an internal project and have enjoyed early success with the “low hanging fruit” but need help to take the project to the next level, or to sustain the gains they have made. JustOne can work with, and develop people already involved with the internal project to take the initiative forward without undoing the good work already done or causing “ripples” within the organisation.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

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JustOne used techniques to change these negative mental models and improved the negotiation skills of the sales teams so they were able to negotiate much lower terms.
What we achieved with Marazzi over this time, with the help of JustOne, was nothing short of amazing. I wish I had known about JustOne before.

Francesco Pascalizi
Portfolio Company Manager Principal – Milan Office - Permira Private Equity

JustOne supported Nokia in setting-up two new shared service centers in Budapest and Beijing…… Within four months of the completion of the project, the new collection teams were able to maintain our strong historical performance in Asia and MEA, while managing to achieve outstanding reduction in overdues levels within Europe.

Eric Deighton
Project Sponsor Head of Credit Management, Finance & Control