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How to improve business performance using the JustOne Approach.

If you are asking yourself how to improve business performance via working capital efficiency measures, etc., JustOne has a step-by-step process that makes the project clear and simple to follow and implement.


Stage 1 – Discovery – Validate Issues & Identify Potential Benefits

  • 1. Following analysis of client data we visit up to three separate entities/countries that are representative of the clients OWC situation. We interview key staff, assess skills, attitude, systems and structure
  • 2. We produce a Discovery Report for each entity with findings, recommendations and targets. This report is validated by local management.
  • 3. We use these reports plus analysis of high level global data to estimate the potential benefits of implementation.
  • 4.The Discovery Reports are presented to the client’s sponsors along with an implementation proposal.


Stage 2 – Set Up – Establish Leadership & Develop Internal Consultants

  • 5. We set up a Driving Team of influential client management to provide effective leadership for the project, establishing the need for urgency, vision, communication, visibility and accountability.
  • 6. We assist the client with the selection of client staff to act as part time Internal Consultants (ICs). We train them in the technical, project management and change management aspects of the project.
  • 7. We Facilitate the implementation in a pilot country by running workshops, training, coaching and providing methodologies, processes, KPIs and agreeing an Action Plan with local management. The IC’s attend the Pilot to consolidate their training and to observe the theory being put into practice.
  • 8. When the Action Plan is complete in the pilot country JustOne will lead the closure of the project in that location. The ICs will observe the closure procedure.


Stage 3 – Implementation – Make Change Happen

  • 9. The IC’s will Facilitate the necessary change in each location in scope by replicating what they observed JustOne doing during the Pilot Facilitation. JustOne will provide support throughout the Facilitations.
  • 10. Local management will be accountable for implementing the Action Plan within agreed time scales and will report into monthly the Driving Team meetings.
  • 11. When the Action Plan is complete in each location, the relevant IC’s will return, review the actions and close the project.
  • 12. Regular visits will continue until the IC’s are convinced that change has been embedded and that old habits have been replaced by new ways of thinking and working.

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