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In his bestselling book “Managing Change”, John Kotter identified 8 reasons why projects fail:

  • 1. Insufficient priority
  • 2. Failure to create a powerful coalition to lead the project (Driving Team)
  • 3. Failure to create a clear and powerful vision
  • 4. Under-communicating the vision
  • 5. Permitting obstacles to block the vision
  • 6. Failing to set up short term wins
  • 7. Declaring victory too soon
  • 8. Neglecting to anchor changes firmly into the corporate culture


JustOne regards the creation of a Driving Team to provide leadership as essential. A Driving Team should :

  • 1. Accept accountability for delivering benefits
  • 2. Create a sense of urgency and priority
  • 3. Develop a meaningful vision
  • 4. Communicate vision and progress
  • 5. Remove obstacles that threaten success
  • 6. Be visible and available to provide help and advice
  • 7. Motivate local management and monitor progress
  • 8. Broadcast and celebrate success


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