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When it comes to Business Performance Improvement via enhancements to operating working capital, JustOne has developed a highly successful company-wide approach, enabling our clients to achieve lasting reductions in OWC.

However, we also have other effective Business Performance Improvement solutions aimed at some common problems experienced by our clients.

1. Company Wide
See About Us – JustOne Approach

2. Single Entity
Where a client is looking to improve OWC performance in just one of it’s businesses, or where they are interested in testing us with a pilot project, we will carry out a diagnostic phase and facilitate the necessary change to reach agreed targets, whilst training 2 members of client staff as Internal Consultants (IC’s) to assist with the implementation and lead post-project actions to ensure sustainability.

3. Bespoke Support
Where a client has a specific need related to OWC, JustOne can provide dedicated expert support, in due diligence, performance metrics, monitoring, overdues, payment terms, supplier rationalisation,
negotiation skills, forecasting, sales order processing, slow moving & obsolete stock and many other areas.

4. Rapid OWC
Where it is essential for a business to improve its OWC performance urgently, JustOne will lead a two day workshop for each of the elements. The data gathered helps us to assemble an action plan,
With subsequent progress being monitored via regular conference calls. We also provide a help desk while the actions are being implemented.

Summary of JustOne Solutions
Company Wide
Sustainable reduction in OWC
across the whole enterprise
Full diagnostic in 3 location’s
OWC and change management training for
up to 10 Internal Consultants as “Green Belts”Facilitate implementation in 1 location
Significant sustainable release of cash across
whole enterprise
Single Entity
Business with poor OWC performance Full diagnostic in 1 location,
Facilitate implementation in 1 location,
Production of specific practice manuals,
Train 2 Internal Consultants as “OWC Champions”
Significant sustainable release of cash within Business
Bespoke Support including due-diligence
Improve any aspect of OWC e.g.

  • • Setting up KPIs and monitoring
  • • Improve negotiation skills
  • • Reduce overdues
Dedicated expert support.
Use of J1 tools , KPIs and methodologies.
Skills exchange with staff involved
Focused resolution of specific issue. Improved staff capability.
Rapid OWC
Immediate reduction in OWC to achieve short term targets Rapid Diagnostic Action plan workshops + Help desk Rapid release of cash

Just One Consultancy

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