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Success Factors – Sustainability Measures

Sustainability Visits

This activity is all about achieving sustainability. Human beings are habitual and it takes time to change long standing habits. So if someone has been doing a task in a certain way for years then just persuading them to do the task in a different way will not change the habit even if the person knows the new way is better than the old way. All too often people will adopt the new ways of working, only to drift back to their old habits. This is why early benefits achieved by a project may slowly disappear.

Internal Consultants visit the countries/ entities in scope every six months. The visits are designed to identify any areas where people have slipped back into old habits. Where this happens the Internal Consultants will agree a Remedial Action plan with the local management and send the plan to the Driving Team who will monitor progress and help to ensure that the business sustainability strategy is appropriate, successful and long-lasting.

The visits will continue for two years. As a rule of thumb if a new way of working can be held in place for two years it becomes the new habit.

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