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Management of Working Capital

JustOne specialise in improving the management of working capital in business, through liberating cash appropriately and efficiently from Trade Receivables, Accounts Payable and Inventory. We have developed our own leading practice methodologies, tools and key performance indicators that our clients can adopt. We can also assist in extending the use of existing good practices within our clients.

Where a client is looking to improve all aspects of the management of working capital we will help with the inevitable trade-offs between (1) receivables and inventory and (2) purchasing and inventory.

Working Capital Projects need to be sustainable. We are all too aware that if working capital improvements deteriorate over time all that has been achieved is a temporary loan from the working capital fund that has to be paid back as benefits erode. That is why our approach has been designed to achieve sustainable improvements, so that any cash released can be rapidly reinvested by our clients into their businesses, with complete confidence.

In addition, we have experience of helping clients in establishing and/or improving the performance of Shared Service Centres and Outsourcing of Back Office functions.

Supply Chain and Procurement

JustOne could not operate in the area of working capital without a deep understanding, expertise and experience in production, supply chain and procurement. We can undertake programmes in these fields using our lean consultancy approach.

Just One Consultancy

Could we help you release 40% of your working capital? Get in touch to find out!